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Welcome to the Website of Dr. Mike Lockett

"The Normal Storyteller"  and Children's Author

Mike Lockett, The Normal Storyteller, is expressive and uninhibited as he delivers a tale at a luncheon honoring volunteers at Good Samaritan Home in Flanagan, Illinois. (Pantagraph/CARLOS MIRANDA)
Dr. Mike Lockett is a life-long educator and teller of tales. He is recognized for his work in education and has won awards for his recorded stories and for bilingual children's books.  He is honored that you have elected to spend time visiting his website.

Please enjoy the features of this site.  It is hoped that the site will be useful and user friendly.  You will find that the content of this site is often updates to meet the needs of students, parents, educators, storytellers and story lovers of all kinds.

Visitors will find stories to read, a collection of information and activities related to storytelling.  You will find links to audio recordings and videos of Dr. Lockett's work and links to marvelous storytelling organizations related to storytelling and storytellers.

Dr. Lockett invites you to visit this site on a regular basis to search for tales and storytelling resources.  Contact Dr. Lockett to share other resources that might be good to add to this site.  His intent is to share his love for stories and storytelling.  As expected, there is a self-serving element to the site as well.  Dr. Lockett wants all visitors to know that he is available for bookings as a storyteller, children's author and educational consultant.  He travels all across the USA and internationally.

The "About" section tells about Dr. Lockett's programs and how he can meet your needs for a speaker.  The section includes an electronic press kit for venues considering booking Dr. Lockett.

The "Storytelling" section includes FREE stories for parents and teachers to use with children.  Storytellers have Dr. Lockett's permission to retell the stories - provided they give him credit for the versions what appear on the website.  Specific permission is required to republish the stories in written or recorded form. The section also has sample videos of Dr. Lockett telling stories before live audiences and in studio performances.

Go to the "Products" page to view storytelling CDs, DVDs and Children's Books by Dr. Lockett.  The Products page also contains products from other storytellers and authors.  All products on this site are clean and appropriate for all ages of children and adults.

The "References" section includes references and comments made through a number of years and are representative of the wide variety of programs that Dr. Lockett gives. The references are posted with permission of the inividuals whose names appear with them.


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