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Video Stories

Dr. Mike Lockett travels near and far to tell stories to audiences of all ages. The video clips show him having fun sharing stories to audiences of varied ages. In this age of cell phones, everyone seems to be able to take videos. If you have a good video of Dr. Lockett in action - write and tell him about it. If it's a bad video, feel free to bury it in your yard.

  • Dr. Lockett telling stories with the Mayor of Taichung, Taiwan.

  • How Bear Lost His Tail

  • The Art of Storytelling

  • The Peddler of Ballaghdareen

  • The Lion's Minister of State

  • Anansi and the Snake

  • Friends of the Father

  • Teddy Bear- Original story by Dr. Mike Lockett - In this video, Dr. Lockett tells his Teddy Bear story. Copyright 2009

  • Using Storytelling to Teach English as a Foreign Language - Film footage of Dr. Mike Lockett taken in Taiwan at Cat's Language School in Taipei, 2011

  • The Three Little Pigs, Taken from Taiwan Version of Grandpa Mike's Stories DVD made in Taiwan, 2009. This version shows some great facial shots of Grandpa Mike's stories. The sound is not synced up on the Asian version the way it should be. If you are looking for a cleaner copy of this story... Go to Mike's Products Page on this website to order the American version of the CD. The sound matches the pictures quite well.

  • I'm Gonna Tell, As filmed live in Kaohsiung, Taiwan at the Morrison Academy, a Christian School in 2011. I'm Gonna Tell is written by Rosalie Sorrels. A fun version of the song is sung by Dr. Lockett on his Tales and Fables CD*. (*License paid to Harry Fox Agency for use of the song on the album) This clip was filmed by a student of Chris Laytham, librarian at the Morrison Academy.

  • About Dr Lockett - This is a short clip made prior to Dr. Lockett's 2009 tour of Taiwan, South Korea and China.

  • The Gunny Wolf - As filmed live in Kaohsiung, Taiwan at the Morrison Academy in 2011. Dr. Lockett is telling the story to a mixed age group. Some of the children speak fluent English. Others speak limited English. The film clip shows how Dr. Lockett involves the students to build excitement, share the story and build language skills. This clip was filmed by a student of Chris Laytham, librarian at the Morrison Academy.

  • The Seven Happy Villagers - As filmed live at the Morrison-Bethany Academy in Taipei in Taiwan in November, 2012. The filming was done by Anita Wang. The story is from The island of Luzon in the Philippines. Visitors to this site can read the story elsewhere on this site. Tales of Delight, a DVD of Dr. Lockett telling the story, can be purchased on the products page of this site. Or - you can simply enjoy viewing the tale on Youtube - courtesy of the Bethany Christian School. Many of the children at the academy are children of missionaries in Taiwan. Others are native Taiwanses children whose parents want their children to receive a Christian education and learn fluent English while at Bethany.


  • Storytelling in Business - Video Clip prepared by Dr. Lockett for National Taipei University of Business in 2015 to talk about benefits of telling stories in business.