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Civil War

Add excitement to your study of the American Civil War with a classroom visit by Dr. Mike Lockett -

Who is Dr. Lockett?

Award Winning Educator

  • Classroom teacher for 21 years.
  • School administrator for 12 years.
  • Civil War enthusiast.

Award Winning International Storyteller

  • 4 Decades as a Storyteller.
  • Lifelong amateur historian.
  • Over 4000 programs and workshops.
  • 31 States - 17 Countries.

Author and Recording Artist

  • Author of The Basics of Storytelling.
  • Contributing Author for The Art of Storytelling.
  • Author of 12 Children's Books. (20+ by end of 2019)
  • 6 Audio Storytelling CDs/DVDs.
  • Audio Recordings for Scholastic Asia.
  • Articles for Newspapers, Magazines, and Journals.

Stories about Private Joe Fifer, who became governor of Illinois.


Stories about weapons and decisions that could have made great changes in the outcome of the War.


True Stories about Lincoln and leaders for the North and the South.


Stories about the "Brain Regiment" and a McLean County Colonel, who became General, then became Colonel and General AGAIN...


Contact Dr. Lockett about programs and assemblies:


Phone: (309) 454-2300

Cell: (309) 310-2299