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Children's Picture Books with Audio

The Goats in the Garden

Adapted from a Norwegian Folktale. Naughty goats get into grandma's garden and will not leave. The grandchild tries and tries to get them out and it left in tears. Rabbit, fox and other animals try to help get the goats out of the garden and also are left in tears. See who finally was able to get the goats out of grandma's garden. A humorous cumulative tale! Great fun to act out with children.

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The Hungry Wolf

Adapted from a Latvian Folktale for Ages 3-10 Have you ever had a day when everything goes wrong? Wolf wakes up hungry. He tries to eat a cow, a horse and a pig. But each animal outsmarts wolf in a way that makes children laugh. Poor wolf gets fooled by every animal and goes to bed hungry at the end of the day.

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The Turtle Who Could Not Stop Talking

Adapted from an Indian Folktale for ages 3-10. Turtle talked too much. He simply could not stop talking. But, one day visitors flew into town. Turtle thought he could quit talking if they would allow him to travel with them to their far-off home. Find out what happens to Turtle and why Turtles have cracks on their shells today.

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The Giant Pumpkin

Adapted from an African Folktale Ages 3-8. Timmy found a seed and planted it. The seed became a giant pumpkin that knocked down houses and trees. It smashed pigs and tried to smash Timmy. Find out how the cows saved Timmy and turned the giant pumpkin into the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. This is a great book to have classroom and audience participation while reading the story.

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