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I invite you to you and your family to get involved in an amazing storytelling and musical experience that they will remember your entire life.

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Storyteller, Author, Educator

Dr. Mike

It was a NORMAL experience for me to share stories when I visited classrooms and when I met with teachers and administrators where they called me "The Normal Storyteller."

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I don't have any upcoming events, but stay tuned! This is subject to change frequently!

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Featured Story: The Boy and the North Wind

North wind blows away flour from poor boy and his mother. Boy travels to find wind and asks it to make things right. Wind gives magic cloth that when spread gives food. Inn keeper steals cloth. Wind gives goat that coughs up money. Inn keeper ste...

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Featured Product: Monkey and Rabbit Together

Price: $10.00

Based on an African folktale, this book tells the story about Monkey and Rabbit and their bad habits.  Monkey is always scratching.  Rabbit is always sniffing and wiggling.  The two have a contest to see who can sit still the longest as they try...

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Featured Blog: Building Bridges - Not Fences

Short Opinion piece by Mike Lockett - Two neighbors when angry dig a divide between their farms. Later a bridge brings them together. Build bridges - not fences. Dr. Lockett suggests trying to understand each other to stop political fighting.

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Featured #1 - Electronic Press Kit for Dr. Mike Lockett

Electronic Press Kit Welcome to the EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for Dr. Mike Lockett, The Normal Storyteller.   Permission is given to  venues to download information to use for  booking programs by Dr. Lockett and for publicity f...

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Featured #2 - Civil War Programs by Dr. Lockett

Add excitement to your study of the American Civil War with a classroom visit by Dr. Mike Lockett - Who is Dr. Lockett? Award Winning Educator Classroom teacher for 21 years. School administrator for 12 years. Civil W...

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Featured #3 - Great Story for Children and for Our Environment

Dr. Mike Lockett was a part-time storyteller for over 30 years.  Stories have always been an important part of his life.  He retired from 33 years as a teacher and school administrator in 2005 and took his storytelling full time.  He h...

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