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Electronic Press Kit

Electronic Press Kit

Welcome to the EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for Dr. Mike Lockett, The Normal Storyteller.   Permission is given to venues to download information to use for booking programs by Dr. Lockett and for publicity for events.    The EPK is intended to save printing costs, mailing costs and to save resources.

PR Information can still be sent by regular mail on request.

A quick bit of background information:

Mike Lockett is an educator, storyteller, and author.  He is an advocate for literacy, a devotee of families who treat their children with love and respect and a lover of books and stories.  Please consider bringing Dr. Lockett to your event at a school, church or library - at a festival, conference or meeting - at any event indoors or out - where clean, family-oriented entertainment is needed.  You will not be disappointed!  Dr. Lockett can attend in person or provide on-line programs. 

Basic Information - (Last updated in January, 2017)    

Product Information

References - Site visitors can view references (testimonials) for Dr. Lockett elsewhere on this site.  Below, please find additional references.

Recordings of Dr. Mike Lockett during storytelling programs 

  • Video Clip - 2016  - Mangrove Cable TV – Zhuwei Elementary School, New Taipei City

  • Video Clip - 2016 - News release from New Taipei City, Taiwan filmed at LuJiang Elementary 
  • Video Clip 2014 - Video Clip - PR for Lockett Family Program in Taiwan
  • Video (15 min.) 2014 - MMC Starlight International Storytelling Carnival - 106 programs in 10 days in Taichung, Taiwan
  • Video Clip - 2014 - Demonstrates Lockett giving programs for young children at Cat's Schools in Taiwan
  • Video Clip 2013 - Demonstrates Young children happily responding to Lockett's music and storytelling
  • Video Clip 2012 - Demonstrates Lockett using props, music and audience participation in teaching EFL.
  • Video Clip 2011 - Demonstrates Lockett's work as a storyteller and teacher of English as a Foreign Language
  • Video Clip - 2009- Dr. Lockett telling Teddy Bear


Media Articles about Dr. Lockett's Programs