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Students Enjoy Dr. Michael Lockett - Storyteller

Published March 31, 2004

Dr. Michael Lockett entertained and had the complete attention of Pre-Kindergarten students through grade six students with his unique ability to tell stories on March 31st.  He has presented programs to groups of all sizes - from a handful of people to groups as large as several thousand.

Dr. Michael Lockett, also known as the Normal Storyteller, has been a teacher, educational consultant and professional storyteller for three decades.  He currently serves as the Director of Title I and Summer Programs for the Peoria, Illinois public schools.

His first presentation in Nokomis was at the elementary school for grades kindergarten, first and second grades.  The stories the students heard would travel home and be shared with the family at the dinner table.  The stories these young people heard brought lessons to life.  The Pre-Kindergarten students met with the storyteller later that morning. The most frequent comment from students was, "He told us a story."

At noon time, Dr. Lockett spoke with the North Elementary School Teachers and gave them ideas and easy steps for presenting an unforgettable story.  From 12:45 - 1:45, the fifth and sixth grade students at South Middle School and their teachers listened to Dr. Lockett making his stories unforgettable.  He created a mood that stayed with the audiences after he had finished.  During his last presentation, the story intensified until the crowd was no longer conscious of anything except for the events within the story.

The third and fourth graders at North Elementary were told stories that stimulated the listeners' five senses and drew them into the story. When Dr. Lockett started with this group, he immediately began his story. Initially the children only glanced at him out of curiosity, but when they did, they grew quiet. There on the storyteller's face, they saw the story come alive. The children watched as the plot unfolded. The children's captivated eyes seemed to be glued to Lockett's face. He had their attention.

His final performance for the day was to over 100 family members in the North School gym.  Children went forward and sat on the floor as adults sat on chairs. The students remembered some of the stories from the daytime assemblies and participated at the correct times.  The adults were entertained and also participated. It was a great evening for those in attendance. At the end of the program five lucky families won "Tales from the Hills" as recorded by Dr. Mike Lockett and son.