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Lively Audience at Twin City Tale Spinner Meeting

Published August 19, 2005


Tellers at the Annual meeting for the Twin City Tale Spinners received a double dose of happiness.  First, was a great meal at the Central Station in Bloomington.  Officers and members of the Twin City Tale Spinners reveled in each other's companies telling stories of their daily events over a pleasant dinner (Dutch treat, of course.)  The second dose of good feelings came during the two-hour storytelling performance at the Bloomington Public Library.

Approximately 51 people joined the tellers during the annual summer program.  After a welcome from Mike Lockett, the 2005 President for the storytelling guild, Bloomington Librarian Georgianne Schau started the program.  She told Sody Solteratus, a traditional Appalachian tale.  Young Arthur Avery (age 14) followed with an excellent Native American tale, "The Origin of the Flute."  John Walsh, author of "The Art of Storytelling," told "Wisdom and Luck.", and formal Normal Librarian and immediate past president for the guild, Vivian Carter, told a touching tale called "Georgia Luck."

Prior to the intermision, John Kirk, another past president of the organization, called David Walsh to the front for special recognition.  After several years of working as an apprentice storyteller, David received an appointment by the twin City Board to become a professional storyteller.

David told a baseball story about the New York Mets that he coined, "I Got It," following the break.  Loren Miller told a story called, "What Time Is It, Mr. Wolf?" - a humorous episode where the hens get revenge on the wolf.  Mike Lockett, The Normal Storyteller, told the final tale of the evening, an Ashanti story called "Anansi the Spider.  All of the tellers were called to the front by Lockett to participate in a call and response story called "The Turkey Tale" for an encore that ended the evening.

Audience members said the event was one of the best they had seen.  Several individuals inquired about the date and location of the next meeting, and that's always a good sign.