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The Tiger and the Frog

Published July 1, 2011
Countries: Tibet
Age Levels: 8 and up

Once upon a time when the world was young and all the animals spoke the same language a Tiger went hunting for some food.  As he walked along, the Tiger saw a large Frog.

The Frog saw the Tiger coming and knew the Tiger was hungry.  There was no way to escape.  So the Frog used his brain to help himself. "Hello, Fine Tiger," called out the Frog. "Where are you going?"

The Tiger answered, "I am going into the forest to find something to eat.  I am very hungry, and now I am going to eat you."

"Did you know you are hunting on my land?  I am the King of the Frogs.  I own all the land around here."  The Frog puffed up very large.  I can jump farther than anyone, and I eat large animals."

The Tiger laughed at the Frog. "You are so small.  You certainly not out jump me.  Before I eat you, let us have a contest.  Try jumping farther than this!"  The Tiger leaped to the other side of the river.

But, just before the Tiger leaped, the Frog grabbed onto the Tiger's tail with his long tongue.  When the Tiger landed, he looked in the river for the Frog.  But as the Tiger turned around, the Frog let loose of the tail.  He ended up on the river bank much farther than the Tiger had leaped.

"Why are you looking in the river?  I am up here," said the Frog.  "I outjumped you.  Now I have worked up an appetite.  Before I eat you," he said, "I need to remove the Tiger hairs from my mouth."  The Frog began to pull Tiger hairs off his tongue."

"How did you get Tiger hairs in your mouth?" asked the Tiger.

"Oh, a Tiger came hunting yesterday.  After I out jumped him, I ate him.  He was quite delicious.  But, he was quite hairy.  I still have hairs in my mouth."

Tiger began to think, "The Frog looks so small.  But he must be mighty.  He jumped farther than I did, and yesterday he ate another Tiger.  I should run away before he eats me."  The Tiger then quietly backed away and began to run deep into the forest.

The Tiger met a Fox as he ran.  "Why are you running so fast?" asked the Fox.

I just met the King of the Frogs.  He looks very small,  But he is mighty.  He can jump farther than I can, and yesterday he ate a Tiger."

Fox began to laugh.  I cannot believe that a Tiger like you would run from a Frog who is so small.  I am smaller than you, but even I am stronger than that Frog.  Come with me, and watch me eat him for my dinner."

"I know what that Frog can do," said the Tiger.  But, I will go with you if you think you are stronger.  However, I am afraid that you will become frightened and run away.  So, we must tie our tales together."

The two tied their tails into knots and walked back to the river.  Frog saw them both coming and called out.  "It is about time you got back with my dinner, Mr. Fox.  I was afraid I was going to have to eat a small animal like you instead of a nice big Tiger for my dinner."

Tiger was frightened.  After hearing the Frog, he thought Fox was taking him to the Frog King to be eaten.  Tiger turned and ran as fast as he could go, dragging the fox behind him.  If they are not dead, they are still running today.