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The Loyal Dog

Published May 15, 2011
Countries: None
Age Levels: None

A prince once lived in the mountains of Wales.  He had a fine castle and many servants.  He owned much property and had many riches.  But, the most precious thing in his life was his young son.  He loved his child more than anything else in life.  Next to his son was his friend, companion and playmate, Gellert.

Gellert was a powerful hound.  The prince had raised him from a pup.  They had run together, played together and hunted together for years.  When his master was gone, Gellert roamed the castle lands, protecting his master's properties from wolves and other wild creatures

One day, the prince decided to go hunting.  Gellert stood by the side of the prince's horse, ready to join him.  "Not today," said the prince to his dog.  You say home to watch my sleeping son while I am gone." 

Gellert seemed to understand.  He turned and walked back into the castle and went straight to the room of his master's child.  No one or thing shall come near my little master," thought Gellert to himself.

The day went by quickly.  The hunt ended, and the prince came back to the palace.  Worried servants ran to greet him.  "Your son, your son!" they exclaimed.  The prince ran into the palace and started for his son's room.  He passed his big hound and ran to the side of the cradle.  It was empty.  His son's blanket was on the floor.  It had bloody paw prints on it.

Gellert barked loudly.  The prince looked at him.  His hound was covered in blood.  Blood was all over the room.  "How could you?" the prince shouted?  I left you to watch over by son.  I thought I could trust you!"  Then the prince drew his sword from where it hung by his side and killed his former pet. 

The prince stood over the body of his dead hound with tears in his eyes.  As he stood there, he heard laughter.  The sound came from the far side of his son's cradle.  The prince ran across the room.  There on the floor his son sat beside the body of a dead wolf pulling on its hair. 

The prince suddenly realized what had happened.  The wolf had come into the castle through an open door and had tried to harm his son.  Gellert had killed the wolf and had saved his son.  Just as he was happy to have his son alive, the prince was just as sad because he had killed his best friend without thinking.  He had jumped to conclusions and did something he could never undo.

The prince buried his faithful hound and marked the grace with a special monument.  For the rest of his life, the prince did his best to never jump to conclusions.  When one jumps to conclusions and acts in haste, they might do something they will regret forever.