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The Crow and the Fox

Published December 1, 2017
Countries: None
Age Levels: 5-6 and up

ONE day a Crow found a piece of cheese. She picked it up with her beak. Then she flew to a near-by tree. The crow sat down on a branch and was about to enjoy her meal.

A Fox who had seen the Crow wanted the cheese for himself. He slowly walked over to the foot of the tree. The Fox looked up and began to talk to the Crow.

"Good morning, Miss Crow. How lovely you are looking to-day. You are so beautiful! Your feathers are fairer than a dove's!  Is your voice as sweet and musical?   Please let me hear just one song, so I will know you are really the Queen of the birds."

The Crow was so happy to be praised that she opened her mouth to show the Fox how well she could sing.

“Caw, Caw, Caw,” sang the Crow with its rough and ugly voice.

The piece of cheese fell out of the Crow’s mouth and fell down, down, down to the ground. The sly fox smiled happily. He picked up the cheese and ran away to make it his own meal.

"That will do," said the Fox; "I got just what I wanted."

Do not listen to those who flatter you and say good things about you – especially when they are not deserved.