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The Elephant's Friends

Published February 24, 2017
Countries: Africa
Age Levels: 5-6 and up

One day an elephant felt lonely.  There were no other elephants where he lived.  So he wandered into the forest to try to find new friends. The elephant saw a rabbit on the ground.  He asked him if he wanted to be friends.

But the rabbit said, "You are too big to play with me.  You would not fit in my burrow if we wanted to play inside."

Elephant saw a monkey in a tree.  "Will you be my friend, Monkey?" he asked.

Monkey said, "You are too big.  You cannot swing from tree to tree with me.  I cannot be your friend."

Then elephant met a frog.  "Will you be my friend?" asked the elephant.

The frog answered, "You are too big to play leap frog and other frog games.  I cannot be your friend."

The elephant began to feel bad.  He did not like being alone without friends,  All elephants like to have friends.

Then elephant saw a deer.  "Will you be my friend?" he asked the deer.

The deer said, "Mr. Elephant,  You are just too big to be my friend."

Then something happened.  The elephant saw all the animals in the forest running for their lives.  "What is the matter?" elephant called.

A wild pig shouted, "There is a tiger in the forest.  He is trying to catch one of us to eat us!"  The wild pig ran away with the other animals.

The elephant walked up to the Tiger.  "Mr. Tiger, please leave the animals in this forest alone."

“Mind your own business!" growled the Tiger. "Or I will eat you!"

The elephant made a trumpeting sound with his long trunk.  Then he picked up the Tiger with his trunk and threw him into the air.  When the Tiger landed, the elephant used his trunk to swat the Tiger on its back side. The frightened tiger ran for his life.

The elephant walked back into the forest and called out, "You are all safe now."

The animals had seen what the elephant had done.  All the animals thanked the elephant.  Then they said, “You are just the right size to be our friend."