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The Ox and the Frog

Published February 15, 2008
Countries: Greece
Age Levels: 7-8 and up

A little frog went out one day to play.  While leaving the pond, he saw a large ox grazing in a field.  He had never seen any creature so large in his life.  The size of this animal frightened him, and he hopped right back to his father, the bullfrog.

"Father, father, I have just seen the biggest frog in the world!" he said.

"Humph!" said the bullfrog.  "Was he as big as me?" and he puffed himself up.

"Oh, he was much bigger than that!" said the little frog.

"Was he THIS big," said the bullfrog, puffing himself up even larger.

"Much, much bigger than you!" said the little frog.

"Ridiculous!" said the bullfrog.  The old bullfrog believed that he was the largest animal in the world.  No one could be bigger than he was!   "He couldn't be bigger than me! I'm the oldest frog in the pond. I was here first! Was he bigger than THIS?"

"Much, much bigger," said the little frog.

"Bigger than THIS???" The bullfrog inhaled again.  He puffed and puffed himself up so much until BANG!  He burst wide open!

"Don't pretend to be bigger than you are!"


Dr. Mike Lockett is an educator, storyteller and children's author from Normal, IL. Dr. Lockett has given more than 4000 programs across the USA and as far away as eastern Asia. Contact Mike by writing to in order to book him for a storytelling program or young authors program or to inquire about purchasing his books and CDs. More stories and information about storytelling can be found at