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The Monkey and the Crocodile

Published September 15, 2009
Countries: India, Pakistan
Age Levels: 7-8 and up

     "I see a monkey," said Crocodile's wife.  "I want to taste its heart.  Get me that monkey now!  I will not be happy until you bring me a monkey."

     Crocodile wanted to make his wife happy.  He swam up and down the river until he saw a little brown monkey by the edge of the river.  "Monkey," he called.  "I know an island where delicious mangos grow."

     Monkey heard Crocodile's voice.  "I like mangos!  Where are they?  I want to see them.  Are they ripe?  I want to touch them.  Are they hard of soft?  Do they smell good?  Do they taste sweet or sour?  Please show me where they are." 

     Crocodile smiled.  "Get on my back, and I will take you to the island."  Monkey climbed on the Crocodile's back.  Crocodile swam to the island.  Suddenly Crocodile began to dive under the water.

      Monkey felt the water.  "What are you doing,"? he asked.

     Crocodile answered, "My wife wants to taste your heart.  So, I am going to drown you."

     "Wait," said Monkey.  "You should have said you wanted my heart.  I left it at home in my tree.  Take me home.  I will get it for you." 

     Crocodile was not very smart.  He swam back to the shore.  "You get your heart.  I will wait here," said the Crocodile.

     Monkey jumped off and climbed his tree.  "You will wait for a long time.  My heart is inside my body where it is going to stay!"

     Later, Monkey kept thinking about the orange mangos.  He saw gray stones sticking out of the river.  He hopped across the stones to the island.  The mangos were juicy.  He ate until he was full.  As Monkey started home, he thought he saw Crocodile laying on one of the rocks.

     "Hello, Rock," said Monkey.  Monkey listened, but he did not hear a reply.  "Usually when I talk to you, you say hello," said Monkey.

     Crocodile heard Monkey's voice.  "He will know I am here if I do not answer," he thought.  "Hello, Monkey," he said. 

     Monkey answered, "Crocodile, you are not very smart.  Rocks cannot talk."?

     "I am smart enough to catch you," said Crocodile.  "You cannot get by me to get home."

     "You are right," said Monkey.  "Open your mouth, and I will jump in."  When Crocodile opens his mouth, he closed his eyes.  Monkey jumped on Crocodile's nose and hopped home safely.  When you are in the jungle, you can still hear Monkey laughing and chattering about how he fooled Crocodile so many years ago.  You also can see how Crocodile sits by the edge of the river trying to catch Monkey and eat his heart.

Dr. Mike Lockett is an educator, storyteller and children's author from Normal, IL. Dr. Lockett has given more than 4000 programs across the USA and as far away as eastern Asia. Contact Mike by writing to in order to book him for a storytelling program or young authors program or to inquire about purchasing his books and CDs.