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Magic Eyes of Little Crab


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The Magic Eyes of Little Crab - Adapted by Dr. Mike Lockett

Originally published by B.I.G. Brilliant International Group, July, 2010


Magic Eyes of Little Crab - ISBN 978-986-6483-62-2  Published by B.I.G. - Brilliant International Group, July, 2010. Retail Price $19.95   Little Crab plays a special "eye sailing" game.  He is able to magically pop his eyes out of his head and send them flying across the beach and into the ocean.  The plot thickens when Jaguar wants to know what Little Crab sees under the water.  Illustrator, Sun Lotto, from Taiwan, adds colorful depictions of the creatures beneath the seas that Little Crab and Jaguar see when their eyes go sailing.  The book is an easy-to-read fiction story.  It is appropriate for a read-aloud for pre-kindergarten through first grade and an independent reader for grades two and three.  An audio CD comes with the book to help readers follow the story on their own.  Magic Eyes is in a bilingual format with English on one side and Chinese on the other.