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Monkey and Rabbit Together


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Monkey and Rabbit Together - By Mike Lockett

Originally published by B.I.G. (Brilliant International Group, January, 2010)


Monkey and Rabbit Together - ISBN 978-986-6483-63-9  Published by B.I.G. - Brilliant International Group, January, 2010. Retail Price $19.95   Based on an African folktale, this book tells the story about Monkey and Rabbit and their bad habits.  Monkey is always scratching.  Rabbit is always sniffing and wiggling.  The two have a contest to see who can sit still the longest as they try to get rid of their bad habits.  Taiwanese illustrator, Ming-Jen Hsu brings a wonderful look to the story by adding animal onlookers to the jungle contest.  The book is an easy-to-read fiction story.  It is appropriate for a read-aloud for pre-kindergarten through first grade and an independent reader for grades two and three.   An audio CD comes with the book to help younger students and English language learners follow the story on their own.  Monkey and Rabbit is in a bilingual format with English on one side and Chinese on the other.