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Best-Loved Stories Told at the National Storytelling Festival


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Best Loved Stories - From the National Storytelling Network

Among the stories in this collection you will find:

  • The Walkin' Catfish by Doc McConnell
  • The Hole That Will Not Stay Filled (Civil War Ghost Story) by Katheryn Windham
  • Orange Cheeks by Jay O'Callahan
  • Wicked John and the Devil by Jackie Torrence
  • A Fisherman and His Wife by Carol Birch
  • The First Motorcycle in Black Mountain by David Holt
  • The princess and the Dove by Mary Hamilton
  • Flowers and Freckle Cream by Elizabeth Ellis
  • Willie the Bug Man by Susan Klein
  • The Wise Shoemaker of Studena by Syd Lieberman
  • 27 other fantastic stories by award winning tellers