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Written Stories in French

Dr. Mike Lockett was a part-time storyteller for over 30 years.  Stories have always been an important part of his life.  He retired from 33 years as a teacher and school administrator in 2005 and took his storytelling full time.  He has been traveling all across the USA and in other countries to learn and tell stories with audiences of all types and all sizes.  Lockett has recorded audio storytelling CDs and has written multiple children's picture books as a means of sharing his stories. He is also the author of a young authors' novel.  Audiences respond well to his tales and fill his schedule with many continuing storytelling adventures.

It is the desire of Lockett to preserve stories for future generations.  For this reason he spends time daily reading and collecting stories, crafting stories to retell to others and writing stories of his own.  Mike has become a prolific children's author.  By the end of 2020 he will have published 30 books.  He enjoys sharing stories he has collected and stories he has written in schools, libraries, festivals and venues of all kinds.  Christian Television and Radio in Taiwan used one of his stories each month in their "Studio Classroom" magazine and shared the magazine all over Asia.  Mike is now preparing to launch new stories that appear in traditional book format and in video form along with teaching products that make use of storytelling in the classroom. 

Lockett hopes that the visitors to this site will find it helpful in their search to find stories and storytelling connections.  Please come back and visit the site often.  It is Lockett's goal to continue adding links to the storytelling world and activities for story lovers to enjoy.

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