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I invite site visitors to share my joy of storytelling. You will find 250 + FREE stories to read, audio stories, storytelling videos and illustrated tales to enjoy.

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Storyteller, Author, Educator

Dr. Mike

It was a NORMAL experience for Dr. Lockett to share stories in classroom as a teacher. When he met with listeners they often called him "The Normal Storyteller."

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Featured Story: The Goats in the Garden

Goats go into Grandma's garden and child cannot get them out. Rabbit, Fox, Dog and other animals cannot get them out. Bee gets them out. Child is happy. Everyone wonders how little bee could do what bigger animals could not.

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Featured Product: Sky Food

Price: $10.00

Adapted from Native American story Why Clouds Are In The Sky - The world was new, and everything was good. The creator had made the clouds, putting food in them for the people to eat. Imagine any food you desire. Reach up and pull it down from the sk...

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Featured Blog: A Happy Courtship = Storytelling and Education

Dr. Mike Lockett has spent a lifetime as both a storyteller and as an educator. He works hard to combine the two vocations to make learning easier and more enjoyable for students. This blog attempts to share the vision of how storytelling can be a ...

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Featured #1 - Bio - Electronic Press Kit and more

"About Dr Lockett"  This is a short clip made prior to Dr. Lockett's 2009 tour of Taiwan, South Korea and China.

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Featured #2 - Civil War Programs by Dr. Lockett

Add excitement to your study of the American Civil War with a classroom visit by Dr. Mike Lockett - Who is Dr. Lockett? Award Winning Educator Classroom teacher for 21 years. School administrator for 12 years. Civil W...

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Featured #3 - Scroll through my free resources and enjoy !

Dr. Mike Lockett was a part-time storyteller for over 30 years.  Stories have always been an important part of his life.  He retired from 33 years as a teacher and school administrator in 2005 and took his storytelling full time.  He h...

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