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  • What Shall We Value

    Published February 2, 2018

    How can a father and son come to terms about their differences about what is important in life? The Tsar values wealth above all things. His son values the lives of ordinary people. Is one right and the other wrong? How do they solve their differences?
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  • A Happy Courtship = Storytelling and Education

    Published June 12, 2017

    Dr. Mike Lockett has spent a lifetime as both a storyteller and as an educator. He works hard to combine the two vocations to make learning easier and more enjoyable for students. This blog attempts to share the vision of how storytelling can be a useful and necessary tool in education.
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  • Building Bridges - Not Fences

    Published February 2, 2017

    Short Opinion piece by Mike Lockett - Two neighbors when angry dig a divide between their farms. Later a bridge brings them together. Build bridges - not fences. Dr. Lockett suggests trying to understand each other to stop political fighting.
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  • Two on Tour of Taiwan for Tour Number Two

    Published August 25, 2007

    The Normal Storyteller on Tour in Taiwan
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  • Feature Article on The Normal Storyteller

    Published May 4, 2007

    Tell a tale - Normal Storyteller unabashedly uninhibited By Steve Arney In Mike Lockett's telling of the traditional Appalachian tale of "The Preacher's Horse,"...
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  • Featured Teller at Rock Island Festival

    Published April 16, 2007

    Rock Island Trail Storytelling Festival Oh, the Rock Island Line is a Might Fine Line!" These are the lyrics that start what once was a popular song about one of the great railroads of America...
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  • Peoria Public Library News Release

    Published April 15, 2007

    Rock Island Trail Storytelling Festival Celebrates 10 Years of Enriching Area Libraries The Rock Island Trail Storytelling Festival, celebrating its tenth anniversary, will bring storytellers Dr...
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  • National Storytelling Network Article

    Published February 26, 2007

    In this bulletin Forum, NSN asked for reader's thoughts on how one becomes a storyteller and Dr. Mike Lockett, The Normal Storyteller from Normal, Illinois, responded with some food for thought...
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  • I'll Tell Newsletter Article

    Published February 19, 2007

    I'll Tell Newsletter - Winter/Spring 2007 - by Marilyn Kinsella, Regional Representative for Northlands and the National Storytelling Network Mike Lockett , The Normal Storyteller, has an abnormal...
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  • First Impressions of an American on the Streets of

    Published February 8, 2007

    First Impressions on an American on the Streets of Taipei I had always heard that first impressions are supposed to leave the most lasting memories in people's minds. But, I recently learned that...
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  • Storyteller Goes International

    Published December 19, 2006

    Dr. Mike Lockett has been a teller of tales for most of his adult life. Now retired from a satisfying career in public education, he works full time as a storyteller. Though he calls himself "The Normal Storyteller," there is nothing NORMAL about his stories...
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  • 2006 Illinois Storytelling Festival

    Published August 14, 2006

    The Normal Storyteller was in attendance on Sunday, August 13 at the Illinois Storytelling Festival in Spring Grove, Illinois. It was a smaller version of the once large festival that graced the grounds of Horse Fair Park in Spring Grove...
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  • Normal Storyteller Tells Story of Normal

    Published March 6, 2006

    Ring out the bells. Stop the presses. It's time to celebrate. The man who had troubles getting through his college English classes has again written an article that will be published...
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  • Announcing New Audio Release

    Published February 7, 2006

    New Product - Release of New Storytelling Product "Tales from Around the World" is a collection of ten folktales as told by Dr. Michael Lockett, "The Normal Storyteller." Each story is from a different part of the world...
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  • Speaker Touts Importance of Stories

    Published December 28, 2005

    PeoriaTimes-Observer - by DeWayne Bartels Holding a patchwork teddy bear above his head, Michael Lockett, "The Normal Storyteller," held his audience's rapt attention. Speaking Dec. 20 to the noon O...
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  • Lively Audience at Twin City Tale Spinner Meeting

    Published August 19, 2005

    Tellers at the Annual meeting for the Twin City Tale Spinners received a double dose of happiness. First, was a great meal at ...
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  • Halloween 2004 Ghost Stories!

    Published October 27, 2004

    Dr. Mike Lockett, The Normal Storyteller will be sharing stories at the Bloomington Public Library on October 28 at 6:30 pm! Lockett is one of four tellers from the Twin City Tale Spinners ...
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  • Fun at Fall Festival

    Published October 4, 2004

    Dr. Mike Lockett, The Normal Storyteller, added a new treat to Niepegan's fall festival on October 2nd and 3rd. The nursery had everything from live music and storytelling to pumpkin weighing co...
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  • Students Enjoy Dr. Michael Lockett - Storyteller

    Published March 31, 2004

    Dr. Michael Lockett entertained and had the complete attention of Pre-Kindergarten students through grade six students with his unique ability to tell stories on March 31st. He has presented pro...
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