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Illustrated Stories

World Folktales

It is with joy that I share this part of my website that I call "World Folktales."  I was pleased able to team up with others to be able to combine my love of stories with needs of the editors of Christian Television/Christian Radio in Taiwan to provide stories for their education magazine "Studio Classroom."  They needed fun stories to help teach literacy concepts to student learning English as a second language.  The editors added vocabulary lessons and comprehension lessons to my stories and illustrated them.  I allowed them to use my adaptations of the stories at no charge.  I still own the copyright for my versions of the stories.  However, the illustrations remain the copyright of the magazine.  If you are a teacher or homeschooling parent, you may use the articles for teaching purposes. But these stories and illustrations may NOT be copied and re-used in an any publication without my consent and the express permission of Studio Classroom Magazine.  Dr. Mike Lockett

* Special note: There is no intentional slight to any area not represented in the areas below.  The stories used were selected by the editors of Studeio Classroom over the three-year time period when they elected to use my stories in their publication. Mike Lockett, The Normal Storyteller

Folktales from Africa

Folktales from Asia

Folktales from Europe

Folktales from North America

Folktales from Pacific Islands


World Festivals and Holidays

  I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time to team up with a publisher to combine my love of stories and my desire to be a writer with the publishing needs of Chung tang Magazine in Taiwan.  The publisher needed a column writer for "Little DaVinci Magazine", a publication for 'gifted students' in Taiwan.  The magazine hired my wife (Becky Lockett) and me to create a column for the purpose of helping readers hone their skills of using oral English.  We wrote 29 articles in three years.  Each article included the origin of the holidays and festivals along with a personal narrative story of how Granny Becky and Grandpa Mike celebrated the occasions The stories were written in a dialogue (conversational) format, trying to keep under 500-600 words per story.  When the editors approved the stories, we went into a recording studio and made an audio recording of each story.  The magazine illustrated the stories and printed them in both English and Mandarin.  Little DaVinci posted a URL Code for the stories that readers could use to listen to the recordings.  I am posting the stories here on my website so story lovers. teachers and homeschooling parents can use the articles to learn about world holidays and festivals and to practice literacy with learners of all ages. 

  • Please note - the articles and illustrations remain the copyright of Dr. Lockett and the editors of Little Davinci Magazine.  Neither the stories nor the illustrations may be reproduced in any means for without the expressed permission of Dr. Lockett and Chung Tang Publishers.


Festivals and Holidays